Objectives, Methods & Expected Outcomes



The objective is to instigate and foster exchange among the campuses of Istanbul Technical University in the cultivation of these three layers: information, materials and crop.

Student groups will work on:

  • Conformations of installed units to create a spatial configuration: e.g… Canopy over high integration spot,
  • Units conformed to contain metabolic cycles : trellis unit that provides flow and containment for hydroponic/fogponic growth
  • Scenarios referring to existing physical conditions (maintain the borders, landscaping, i.e..) with potentials in exchange among and within the city

The method of operation is in and in between two scales:

Regional scale:

  • Define exchange parameters among the sites involving user contribution and commuting for a systemic flow
  • Map environmental scalar profiles of five sites.
  • Map the movement flow within the sites

In between scales:

  • Catalogue potential material and metabolic cycles fit in the ranges specified by these sites.
  • Information and interface design
  • Define thresholds and parameters to sustain these cycles in the sites.

Tectonic scale:

  • Design material/interface/tectonic structures in prototypes

Expected Outcomes

The desired outcome is a smart sheds for shared bycycle routes at ITU campuses.

  • Scale prototypes and a 1/1 prototype of the designed interface
  • The scenario of the systemic operation, a digital tracking system proposal