Ongoing workshop (update 3/7/2013)

Material System Workshop: 

During the workshop we are going to test different materials and construction systems that we are going to use during the Summer School.

Freestanding surface trial

In this experiment we tried to create a surface which can stand vertically and carry its own weight. Scaling up with the same hoses  (polyethylene tube (gapex) 10/12 mm) created problems with the stiffness of the surface.  We also experience bucking problems in the peak points (midpoints of the hose).

Since we need and input-output system for the algae to grown we also adjusted the weaving pattern

Tests with polyethylene tube (gapex) 10/12 mm

We made several experiments and created a small surface with polyethylene tubes. Each element consists of two hoses weaved to each other.


Algae growth experiments

The second system we are going to introduce  is a bioreactor system for algae to grow inside he pipes.

We need a pump for the continuous water flow.
Things we have learned:
1- the thinner the hose, the better for algea growth
2- the longer it travels, the less energy is used. (big radius causes operational problems)
3- it is better to have a bigger attachment area where we want them to grow.
4- a continuous hose with less joints is better.
The kind of algae that we found the most interesting is a bioluminiscent one called


We started making diagrams of the possible movements, different patters etc.



Introducing a movable component to the woven hose system

the investigation of a controlled movement through a wooden system with joints

Weaving hoses and movement

Here is the experimentation

   of the flexible woven surface

Hydroponic system testing

Testing the hoses

Checking the curvature of plastic hoses

Joint trials