IGSS schedule update

Tutorials Session are scheduled before the start  of IGSS for student to get acquainted with the designing tools in preparation to Summer School.
Tutorial Sessions (12-14 July)
The first day Mustafa Dülger will give tutorials on Rhino 3D and a brief introduction in Grasshopper. Second day will continue with lectures about Network Visualization by Kutsi Nircan and Processing Tutorials by Ekmel Ertan (Amber Platform). Metin Sahin  in parallel session will make tutorials on Grasshopper. During the third and last day Gamze Gunduz and Deniz Tumerdem will give lectures about Galapagos, Kangaroo and Geco.
Those who are interested to attend ONLY in the tutorial sessions can send a mail to info@rhinoturkey.com.
Design Phase (15-20 July)
The students will elaborate in  the conceptual idea and the deisgn. Students will be provided with the mapping and information on existing environmental factors and information on movement flow and space syntax analysis on five sites. They will have to use this data and design according to the potential and needs of each site.
The first day the team will visit the site  and play the 2 to 1 game . The Lecture Sessions will  start with  “Materials and Experimenting Systems” Lecture and continue with lectures about “Network Analysis Seminar”, “Ponics Systems”, “Processing Tutorials” and “Space syntax”.  During the first period there are  three days scheduled of Processing Tutorial.
The first Phase will end with a pin-up day on the 20th of July.
Production Phase (21-26 July)
During the second phase students will focus on production details and techniques. The desired outcome is scale prototypes and a 1/1 prototype of the designed interface. The Lecture Sessions will continue with Digital Fabrication Sessions and T. Jaskiewicz  will talk about the Hive systems.
Advanced digital design methods and fabrication processes will be used in an integrated way to make physical things from virtual data. This session will focus on transition between computer modeling and materialization. The responsive surfaces designed in the previous sessions will we fabricated.
In the end of the  period students will have their final presentation in front of a selected jury.