Design by Data Workshop

During the workshop Gamze Gunduz, Deniz Tumerdem and Metin Sahin will introduce the main principles around design by data.

The workshop will be divided in 3 sessions

In the first session Metin Sahin will run a tutorial on how to install and edit excel data  and how to make surfaces.

Second session is about embedding environmental data onto selected surface. Analyses in Ecotect with weather file and then the information will be imported in Grasshopper through Geco. With the use of Galapagos, it will be possible to work on a responsive surface that will react to real time data changes.

Finally, several optimized surfaces will be produced for different times of the year. The purpose of the session is to further understand the relation between data and geometry and the notion of a responsive surface.

Third session is about Digital Fabrication, ie. the advanced digital design methods and fabrication processes in an integrated way to make physical things from virtual data. This session will focus on transition between computer modeling and materialization. The responsive surfaces designed in the previous sessions will we fabricated. The goal is to translate the language of design into one of the digital fabrication methods: CNC Laser Cut, CNC Milling and 3D Printing. A family of surfaces will be fabricated while understanding the different processes; CAD (Computer-Aided Design) geometry , CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing), Material Preparation and Machining Process.

The workshop will take place on 22-23 of July in Taşkışla. If you want to join us sent a mail at

Note: Replicator2 Makerbot is now at ITU.